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Client Testimonials

"Hi Jon! Things are still going super well! I've stayed committed to the plan-- when I've really wanted to skip a workout I remember that I committed to this plan with you, and I never want to tell you I skipped a day because I was too tired. So, thank you for that!"

Blake D.

"I was able to hop on the "Live" on Tuesday I did a Lives: But Later and wow Arm Party was insane! I’ve worked out consistently for 5 days every week and can even feel my endurance has gotten much better. I stop less during the workouts and can actually finish a whole circuit non-stop."

Andrea P.

"Love your story and energy!! HH IG was amazing during quarantine and now loving HHH 😍thank you and the team for bringing it daily!!!"

Alex W.

"Thank you!! You are all seriously so amazing! I got to meet Trace and Jules today via zoom and it’s so nice to actually speak with you guys. I’ve always stopped programs after a few weeks but I’m seriously addicted to Health House and tell all my friends about it! I swear if you opened a gym in the Hamptons I’d quit my job to become a trainer lol"

Samantha L.

"Good morning! I just wanted to let you know really quickly that I upped my weight in almost every exercise for Arm Party this morning and didn't drop to lighter weights for the second and third round of the circuits! 😀I stuck with the one I started with and I focused on quality reps instead of speed. I feel like it’s already making a huge difference."

Emily C.

"I am so happy to have found y’all! I live in North Carolina and randomly stumbled across your account a little over a month ago. Changed my whole fitness mentality and life! Honored to be apart of the HH family!! thank you again"

Emma L.

"After having a baby my stomach wasn't the same and it made me sad and I kinda gave up on my body. I tried running, but it didn't really change my body and just hurt my legs and made me more hungry during the day. A friend introduced me to Health House and that's when everything changed. Not only was I working out every day but I was looking forward to it. Fast forward to today I have completely changed my habits and not only has my body changed significantly but so has my mindset."

Emily M.

Sending much love from New York! Thank you for your energy, your spirit and for House of Cards! So many of us are incredibly grateful for Health House. It’s a movement baby 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Alex C.

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